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Mistakes to avoid when decorating a home


There are several reasons that can lead us to want to redecorate our home. It could be a move to a new home, to our first apartment or, quite simply, to want to replace old furniture with which we no longer identify. Whatever the reason, the decoration or renovation must be well planned not to make little mistakes.


In this article, we will give you account of the most typical mistakes people make when they decorate the house. Get to know them and of course avoid them!

1. Do not buy everything at once. Evaluate your budget and start with the essentials.

2. We don’t always give due importance to lighting, forgetting how relevant it can be to value the decor and ambiance.

3.Between wood, glass and metal and stone, various combinations can be made. Choosing only one can result in a monotonous environment.

4. Do not set aside the boldest options.

5. Show individuality and personality.

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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