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Wood paneling in your home decor?


Wood is a multi-functional element that adapts to different places ...

Find out how you can wager on this material to achieve a stunning decorative effect!

Wood panels as decor are a great option. Multifunctional and easy to work, wood is not only successful on floors and furniture, but also in bedrooms, living rooms and even in damp places such as the kitchen and bathrooms.


Where to start?

You should define the surface where you will apply the panels, to choose the recommended material more effectively, and then determine whether it will be in MDF, natural laminate or melamine laminate.

Where should it be used?

In dry environments such as bedrooms and living rooms, the best option is laminated wood, providing a sense of uniformity to space. In humid places, as in the case of the kitchen, we recommend opting for the synthetic version. Both melamine and MDF allow easier cleaning without damaging the material.

From classic to modern, using wood panels in the decoration of the house environments allow you to create a lot of different styles. The composition of the remaining project is what will define the style, as the case of the mixture between the wood and the other materials used.

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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