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Five tips for a (even more) familiar kitchen!


From soccer training to meetings and job duties, today's families are constantly on the move. But despite all these obstacles to unity, there is a place where families still come together: the kitchen!

1. Create a children's zone in the kitchen

Let's be honest: Mothers usually get stuck in the kitchen while children roam around the house. Whether it is by wanting them under your watchful eye or simply wanting your company, the simplest way to attract children to the kitchen is to give them their own spaces!

2. Encourage easy access

Shallow base cabinets stocked with plates and cups for kids, refrigerator drawers loaded with healthy and appetizing after school snacks and an accessible microwave means that dinner preparation can continue without problems or interruptions.

3. Style and substance in the kitchen

That whole white kitchen you've always dreamed about may have to wait until your kids go to university. In the meantime, look for materials that will suit your style without sacrificing durability.

4. Try to have a multifaceted kitchen!

Life is dynamic and fluid, so why should your kitchen get stuck in time? Instead of thinking of the kitchen just as a place to eat, reshape it as an all-purpose space. Comfortable furniture, inviting fabrics and cozy lighting contribute to a softer space where people really want to pass the time.

5. Organize and optimize

Anyone who has ever struggled with the lost battle of having a clean kitchen versus the constant flow of backpacks, school books, coats, toys, tools, projects, or sports equipment knows how easily things get messy if they do not have an organization proper. Assuming control means integrating ample storage space in the form of cubicles, hooks, and shelves so that there is a place for everything beyond the floor and countertops.

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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