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Make the most of small kitchens


The design perspectives of the kitchen for 2018 have evolved from the past few years in remarkable ways and offer a virtual basket of design treats for everyone.

The vernacular of kitchen design brings evidence to a high aesthetic that promotes well-being, stimulates efficiency in food preparation, and as a result, the kitchen becomes the space of the house where all five senses reside. The reality is that many of us have small kitchens.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to make our spaces so small for our needs while still looking really beautiful.   Check out our tips to make the most of your small kitchen in your next décor:


# 1: Functional space plan

A functional floor is important in any space, but it is doubly important in a small space! A kitchen with a weird layout will never work! Make sure your countertop, fridge and stove are all easily accessible and that there is adequate space for each of them for ease of use. Pay attention to the layout of the cabinets to ensure that there is enough storage for everything you use daily.


# 2: Choose an appropriate color palette

From the beginning, choose the colors you want to work with and stick with. The introduction of many colors in a small space may seem overwhelming. A modern option are the natural wood tones with white and gray elements.


# 3 Carefully choose lighting

If your kitchen is small, it is especially important to make sure your lighting is doing its job. No matter how many tricks you use, the lack of lighting will make the space look smaller and smaller.


# 4 Bet Big on Design

Just because your space is small does not mean that your ambition has to be! Pay attention to all the details, from the cabinets and the treatment of the windows, to the objects that decorate your workbench. Each of these elements will be a great help to help the space look great.

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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