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New year, new trends for your kitchen!


With the arrival of the new year, new trends come to renew, refresh and redecorate the spaces of our life. And nothing better than starting at the heart of a house, the kitchen!

Check out our tips for upgrading your kitchen with the trends of 2018:



- Blue and Green Furniture

Do not be surprised if the kitchens take on moody tones inspired by the ocean! Blues and greens emerged as "go-to" color choices for furniture in 2017.


- All Violet Everything

Pantone has announced UltraViolet as the color of the year, and it is already shaping up to be a major trend in every aspect of home design by 2018. A color that conveys a sense of luxury and elegance.


- Dark Countertops

Dark and deep countertops are the order of the day, according to Renee Hytry Derrington, the world leader in design at the Formica Group. A slate countertop option with the same natural slit details but combined with the growing interest in dramatic black stones.


-Mix-and-match finishes

This year is the time to mix and match colors, there is no need to keep everything the same: "Using a variety of colors in kitchens has become a popular trend this year. For example, painting walls or cabinets in dark charcoal tones and upper cabinets and walls in creamy white colors are becoming more and more common."


-High-contrast marble

The newest 'it' looks for the kitchen is a dramatic marble that makes a statement: "high contrast bold veining is making quite a statement. It's perfect for creating an intense mood.

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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