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Find out the trends for 2018


Christmas has already gone further, and soon after is the New Year!

If you want to renovate your house before the holidays, stick with these trendy bets for 2018, and update the style of your home.


  • Search for  the neutral

Currently, simplicity points and directs the way of living. In the decoration, it is the neutral and light tones that reflect this tendency, considering that the spaces with these tones present a light environment highly valued.


  • Environments with softer shapes

Rounded furniture is increasingly used in the decoration. The curves go from being details to being part of the design of the furniture. A trend that began in the furniture and that even begins to mark its influence in the architecture of the environments.

  • Abundance of Natural Light

Nothing beats the beautiful and light environment that great natural lighting gives to your space. The abundant natural lighting does not combine much with heavy decor, calling for almost minimalist environments, with highlights in the use of light tones.


  • Pink gray

Pink Gray is one of the biggest color bets for next year! To think of being contradictory to use the "color of the year" in search of a timeless decoration, rosy gray has a great hue, being one of the biggest trends in art, fashion and clear in the decoration.

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