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Find out what trends are in store for this summer.


Choosing colorful elements to compose the ambiences of the house brings a more relaxed and cheerful air to the decoration. Especially if the pieces transmit a little of the personality of the owner of the house.


The trends of the moment are the use of wallpaper in home appliances, slate wall in addition to combinations of wood with decorative plants!


Wallpaper: The wallpaper is recommended for cold appliances such as refrigerator and freezer. The method may be carried out in a single color or embossed. In the case of two objects, you can make one smooth and one stamping.


Blackboard: The slate wall becomes a space for scrapbooking, photos or even artistic expressions!


Wood and Decorative Plants: Wood gives special comfort to any home, it is a material used and loved all over the world. Even in more modern apartments in very urban environments, the wood brings a greater and more comfortable rustic comfort to any environment, besides combining with everything and can be used in any type of furniture or decorative object. The plants are also great decorative adornments for any environment, as well as bringing benefits such as making the air cleaner and the house fresher, giving more color and life to the environment.

The plants can be chosen according to any variation of where they will be: size, amount of light and even airflow, so even in small apartments, they are easily dockable and welcome.

The mixture of wood and plants is a trend that grows more every day, people have already realized that as a consequence of too demanding routine and excessive weariness, it is necessary that the home be a well thought out refuge and a place of escape of daily stress. Therefore, investing in a decor that soothes and comfortably accommodates is essential.

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