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The art of organizing the kitchen


The kitchen is one of the spaces at home that needs a good organization, whether large or small, everything is possible. That's where we're packing hundreds of things: pots, pans, pans, dishes, cutlery, utensils, glasses, pasta or rice packets, cereals, drinks and many other things. So that everything can fit in the various cabinets, drawers, shelves, you have to plan and organize everything very well.


If you want tips for organizing your kitchen, here are 8 ideas:

1. Use jars.

2. Kitchen with smart compartments.

3. Take advantage of the available corners.

4. Hanging your Pots and Pans

5. Shelves on the wall.

6. Use fruit bowls

7. Expose everything in an organized way.

8. Use the cooker extractor to hang utensils.


Source: Homify

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Kitchen, the most special place of the house

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